Character Advancement

I’m particularly torn on the matter of character advancement.

Leveling up can happen way too quickly in In Nomine. That being said, I don’t want people to sit around feeling like they’re getting nowhere with their characters. So, I figured I take a few lessons from other systems and mix things up.

1. Certain things develop organically.

This applies to things like attunements and distinctions. You’re only going to get these as rewards for a job well done or some other RP hook. Also will likely apply to gaining new relics, reliquaries, talismans, etc. (Unless you’re a Servitor of Creation, of course.)

2. The classic XP expenditure method.

I’m thinking of changing things so it works a bit more like Scion. That is to say, the official rules say that the DM should allocate a certain number of points at the end of whenever, and these points then basically go one for one at upgrading whatever you have. So, it’s just as easy to master a skill as it was to learn it.

I don’t like that.

Basically, here’s the rundown on what I would do for leveling up after character creation.

Type Cost Example
Skills The level you are trying to achieve. Buying the first point in Singing would cost 1, the second 2, etc.
Songs Level x2 First point is 2, second 4, etc.
Forces Current forces x2 To go from 9 to 10 forces costs 18 xp

(I should note, I am currently sleep deprived, so these numbers are definitely subject to change.)

Character Advancement

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